What is a Peace Pole?

A Peace Pole is an internationally-recognized symbol of the hopes and dreams of the entire human family, standing vigil in silent prayer for peace on earth. Each Peace Pole bears the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in different languages on each of its four sides. There are estimated over 250,000 Peace Poles in every country in the world dedicated as monuments to peace.


St. Anne's Peace Pole Project

The project will consist of three Peace Poles being installed on St. Anne's campus, representing the Holy Trinity.  The chosen locations are meaningful in that they represent places of peaceful gathering, unity, and hope for St. Anne's parishioners.  Each pole will display the phrase, "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in different languages. The languages will represent the diverse culture and ethnicity of St. Anne's parishioners.





The Peace Poles will be installed in the following three locations: 


  1. Outside the main entrance to the Chapel

  2. Outside the entrance to the Community Life Center on the west side

  3. Near the Garden Gazebo behind the Community Life Center


Drought-resistant shrubs will be planted around each Peace Pole. 


Location #1

Location #2

 The total cost of the project is $2,300.

Location #3

Donations are no longer being accepted for the Peace Pole Project.

You may make a donation directly to St. Anne's Church at the link below.

***All extra funds raised will be donated directly to St. Anne's Church to help during the Covid-19 crisis.***